Friday, November 21, 2008

Men Like to Give

One of the great things I learned in my time of doing sensual massage was how much men love to give. Even when the setup was that I was the one giving and they were receiving, they often gave to me anyway.

I remember one session with Jack. I had been seeing him about three years at that point. We often did fantasy sessions, where we each took on a character and played out some fantasy. I didn’t do this with anyone else, but his fantasies were similar to what mine were, so I enjoyed doing this with him.

One morning, we had an appointment and I knew that he would want to do something exciting. I was deep into menopause at the time, burned out on sex work, and overworked. As I thought about what we might do, I realized that I just didn’t have any juice in me to give to him.

When he arrived, I told him, “I am the priestess, and I give to many. Today the priestess is in need. I’d like your service. I’d like a deep massage, and then I’d like you to pleasure me.”

He agreed with delight. As we stood up to go to the massage table, he hugged me. I began to cry, and he said “Lean on me. Lean on me.”

After the tears were done, he proceeded to give me a great massage and then he did indeed pleasure me. After he brought me to orgasm, I asked what he would like. He told me, “Nothing. I’ve received so much already.”

Then he paid me my usual session fee, and left with a hug.


Anonymous said...

While I, too, love to give, I am not sure if it is true of all men. However, it occurs to me that men who do not want to give are perhaps wounded. What do you think?

Selena Truth said...

I think that is probably true of both men and women. To me, the natural state of being alive is to give, and to want to be received. Wounding can certainly interfere with that -- creating a scarcity mentality so that people feel that there is not enough (love, money, energy, whatever) so they want to hold onto it rather than let it flow through.

shhh9 said...

That is a lovely account, priestess. It bodes well for the book. :)


Selena Truth said...

Well, thank you, my dear!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

In addition to being touched, we (everyone) also need to touch and have our touch be received. I don't think one is more important that the other.

Selena Truth said...

Welcome, Olivia!

I agree, I love to have my touch received completely. When someone is so focused upon giving that they don't receive, then there's an interrupt in the flow.

Claire said...

Just reading your articles you could be telling my story over and over again. good for you