Monday, November 10, 2008

Aphrodite's Consort

It’s looking like my relationship with Adam is not going to work out after all. While I’m very grateful for the sexual healing he brought me, it has become clear that we want different things. He wants a full-time relationship, and what I really want is a consort.

“What’s a consort?” you might ask. Most people do when I talk about this. A consort is someone with whom I can have mystical, magical, healing sex. Sex that creates more light upon this planet that is so in need. Sex that brings us both closer to God. Transpersonal sex – done in the context of ritual and in sacred space.

You don’t discuss the laundry with a consort. You don’t watch TV together. You don’t live together and blend your mundane lives. I’m quite happy living on my own. I like my independence. I just would like a consort to come visit from time to time, and leave me in a limp puddle with a smile on my face. A smile that is directed towards him, and also towards God. Is that too much to ask?

Aphrodite doesn’t think so.


Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean. I am personally polyamorous, but unpartnered. I tell people "I am not looking for life-mates right now, but am definitely interested in love-mates." I envision an entire network of "love-mates" who share their loving energy with each other, with "no strings attached". This goes beyond mere sex... but a loving energy exchange, with no expectations of attachments at other levels. No rings on fingers, vows, honey-do lists, signatures on rental agreements, or any other form of "domestication". It's focused on being fully present, "in the now"... taking a person as they are now, and not who you want or expect them to become.

I'll take some of that!

Selena Truth said...

Sounds good to me!

shhh9 said...

Definately reasonable, especially since that appears to have been the role you have played for so often and so long.

Selena Truth said...

Welcome, shhh9! Yes, I think it's reasonable -- and even if it's not, well, Aphrodite isn't known for her reasonableness, is she? :)