Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Manifesting a Consort

It’s so amazing how when you are really clear about what you want, and state it, it shows up! The Law of Attraction really works. Soon after I wrote the recent post, Aphrodite’s Consort, I got an email from a former client.

He is a wonderful man. We used to have great sessions running energy together. He always treated me with respect and honor, and his energy fed me deeply. I always felt rejuvenated by our time together.

This is what his email said: “Something inside of me is telling me to learn how to how to assist you in channeling your energy. Not in a "taking" manner as a student takes knowledge from a teacher, but in a completely unselfish giving way that allows you to accomplish what you need.”

Yeah, baby! This is exactly what I need.

I am continually in awe at how I am provided for.


Gillette said...

Golly I love these gifts/affirmations of the universe. Will be interesting to see where you go with it!

Selena Truth said...

I'll keep you posted. I haven't seen him yet, as I've been out of town. Just back, and I will contact him soon.

Anonymous said...

In the last year, I have begun to experience "Sex as Sacrament" in the form of the pagan Great Rite. The absolute bliss that comes to the complete body-soul and spirit-soul is indescribable. Those who do not have awareness of the energy in human beings nor control of their own energy can not fathom what it is to offer that energy freely to another, who offers theirs freely back in mutual exchange. The blending of the two energies between the feminine 'yin' and the masculine 'yang', spiraling up into the heavens from within intentionally created sacred space is an incredibly powerful and beautiful force. Unconscious "f-ing" has the math of 1+1=2 (or sometimes 3). Intentionally sacred sex can have the math of 1+1=10000000.

Selena Truth said...

Yes, I've experienced that as well. The energy created in conscious sex is virtually unlimited, and is a powerful force for good in the world, whether it be used for earth healing, peace, or for something more personal, like, maybe enlightenment?