Tuesday, November 4, 2008

From Destruction to Flowering

I’ve been studying the Mayan calendar lately. It’s really complex, way more than just the 5000-year cycle that most people talk about. There are cycles within cycles within cycles. One that I’m paying attention to these days is a cycle that started in 1999.

Each of these nested cycles has a series of “days” and “nights” that last varying times. The cycle that started in 1999 has a day or night of 360 days. The first “day” lasted from January 5, 1999 to December 31, 1999. The energy of the first day is “sowing the seeds”.

We are just about to finish the fifth night now, which has the energy of “destruction”. On November 13, 2008, we will enter the sixth day, which has the energy of “flowering”. Whatever we sowed in 1999 will begin to flower soon.

Today I realized how much this cycle has affected my life. In 1999, I began doing sensual massage. It was fresh and new. I loved each day, sharing energy with my clients. I was often in orgasmic energy all day long. What a seed to sow! And I knew that I was reaching people through my sexuality who needed what I had to offer.

The past year was indeed destruction energy for me. I visited a friend who does sexual healing in December of 2007, and as I was there working with him, I realized that I could not complete my healing if I continued to do sensual massage. I came back home and immediately closed down my temple. I never did it again, except for a few select clients.

Now, as the flowering year approaches, I am coming out again. My book is complete, and the process of getting it published is in motion. I’m blogging, reaching out to people again, and my sexual energy is opening up again.

It will be fun to see what this year brings!

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Anonymous said...

Gods bless you, Selena! May you find joy and bliss in your new flowering.

Peace and love,