Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pine Tree Pleasure

Even though I have retired from my work as a sacred prostitute, there are still a few men that I see. These are people that I developed a special connection with, one that has endured through many years. They respect me and are grateful that I still see them. My boundaries are very different than when I was actively doing the work, but they still enjoy coming (no pun intended).

Jack is one such person, and I saw him today. It was one of the last warm days of autumn. I prepared a special place for us under a pine tree high up on my property. The sun was dappled on the blanket that I spread upon the ground, and the sky was a deep blue overhead. I invited him to lie on his back with his head next to the pine tree, so that he could look up the tree. I thought that it would help his energy move upwards.

I cast a circle around us, calling in the four directions and above and below. With the container created, I then invited him to turn over, and gave him a long deep massage to ease his aching back.

The massage gradually became sensual, and when he turned over, I began pleasuring him. I gradually built up his energy until it peaked. As his energy ran up his body, I imagined it connecting with the tall pine tree above. The tree became a carrier of light, shooting out energy to heal the world.

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