Thursday, April 23, 2009

Craigslist Killer

The latest sensation, the “Craigslist Killer” is only one in a series of killers who preyed upon sex workers. The Green River Killer and Jack the Ripper come to mind immediately, but I know that there are many more.

These men choose sex workers as their killers because they know that they are more vulnerable. Because they are working in an illegal profession, they are less likely to report suspicious activity to police. They are seen as disposable women because they dare to have sex for money. They potentially take their lives into their hands each time they see a client.

It is all a part of the deep dishonoring of the feminine. If we had a culture where the healing power of sexuality was recognized, it would be unthinkable to do something like this.

Let’s create a world where the feminine is honored and sex is sacred!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sexual Healing Ritual

I wrote a while ago about how I realized that I needed to open my sexuality again after the shutdown I experienced with my burnout. One of the steps that I took was to ask several friends to help me with a sexual healing ritual. This happened almost two years ago now, but it was so beautiful that I feel inspired to write about it.

I invited three of my juiciest women friends and my dear friend and former student Eduardo. They all arrived at my place one weekend to assist me in this ritual.

First, my women friends gave me a bath. We all climbed into my big bathtub together, and they gently bathed me, washing away the old energy of shutdown as they washed my body. It was a very touching experience to be surrounded by such powerful feminine energy focused so delicately upon me.

Once the bath was done, they escorted me to the temple where Eduardo waited. I had thought that I wanted to have intercourse with him while the women were all around me, lending their sexual energy to mine, but this was not how it went. (Another example of how it’s important to be ready to drop plans when the situation is asking for something different.) Instead, I found that I really wanted to just run my own energy, with them around me in a circle holding the container for that. They held the space sweetly and reverently, allowing me to go deeply into an extended full-body orgasm without even being touched, but just from contacting my long-dormant sexual energy with breath and movement.

This was the beginning of a process of re-opening that took over a year. I am truly blessed to have such loving, supportive and accepting friends. They gave me a great gift that day, and they felt honored to be a part of my healing.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sacred Prostitute Dress-Up and Dance Party

I have completed my book, Tales of a Sacred Prostitute. You are invited to celebrate if you're in the Bay area. Come dressed as a sacred prostitute, or a client of one. (You can change when you arrive, and dress-up clothes will be available.) Dance to sensual music, play, flirt and have fun. We will end the evening with a ritual to send sexual healing out into the world, especially in the form of this book.

Saturday, May 9 • 8 – 10:30 pm
Near 51st and Telegraph in Oakland for directions
Free admission
Books available for purchase

Books may be ordered at my website. They'll be available in a couple of weeks or so.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I reconnected with an old consort recently, whom I will call Tantrika-ji. A tantrika is a practitioner of Tantra, and “-ji” is a term of respect. He is indeed a dear man.

We had a lovely moment. We had been running energy together for a long time, with a lot of passion. I had been deeply orgasmic for quite some time, and I was in a very altered state. Suddenly he pulled a few hairs on the top of my head upward, opening up my crown chakra dramatically. I instantly got very still, and felt myself merge into a field of light. I floated there for several minutes as we paused in our movements.

This is true Tantra – using the sexual energy as a gateway to the Divine.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I had a wonderful evening with a few old and new friends doing some sexual ritual. After we each talked about what we wanted and didn’t want, we called in sacred space, asking that the energy we created be used for the highest good and light. Then each person got to be the focus of attention, asking for whatever he or she wanted from the others. There were many magical moments, but one keeps coming back to me. I’m using names of Hindu gods and goddesses rather than their real names, because it was a transpersonal experience.

It was Krishna’s turn to receive. He was lying on his back. Sita, who has been lovers with him for a while, was between his legs, sucking his lingam very enthusiastically. Her partner, Ram, was behind her and inside her. I straddled Krishna’s chest, my yoni pressed against his heart. The energy moved through us all as if we were one. Sita and I were both orgasming, and I could feel Ram’s energy move up through her into Krishna and me. It was an ecstatic connection that created an experience of oneness.

This is transpersonal sex.

The Qadishtu Experience

I recently did a guest post on The Qadishtu Experience. It's an excellent blog full of stories about the work of many different sacred prostitutes, or qadishtu as they call them. The post is an excerpt from my book, which is almost ready. Check it out!