Saturday, November 1, 2008

Venus Caught in the Middle

There is an important astrological transit happening next week on November 4. Uranus, which loves freedom, is opposing Saturn, which wants commitment. Both are squaring Venus, the planet of romance and love, catching her in the middle. (Paraphrased from the current issue of The Mountain Astrologer daily forecasts.)

This is showing up in my relationship with Adam big time. I’m being the freedom-loving Uranus, and he’s playing Saturn, wanting more of an ongoing relationship than I do. And, yes, Venus is getting caught in the middle. We are in a disconnect. We haven’t spoken in a week, and last time we saw each other I was prickly and irritable. There are lots more transits going on than the Uranus-Saturn opposition, including Pluto on my Mars, which is bringing up anger that I have never expressed my whole life. Poor guy!

I feel that I’m caught in the wheels of fate. Time is speeding up, things are more intense. Personal relationships are being strained as we try to cope with all that is going on. Sometimes I don’t even want a personal relationship at all – they’re too much trouble.


Cool Hand Luke said...

Get a puppy if the bonk-buddy thing isn't working out.
Fondly, Anita

Selena Truth said...

I have a very sweet cat. She's on my lap right now. She has spent lots of time sleeping by the fire the last few days as the rains have come.

"Bonk-buddy" -- I like that term!