Friday, October 24, 2008

Adam Helps Me Heal

It's time to introduce my lover, Adam. He is a new love, only six months old. Well, he's older than that, but not to me!

He has been really helpful in my sexual healing process. He understands what I've been through, and is really there for me. We have many connections astrologically. His natal Chiron, the wounded healer, conjuncts my Venus, so he brings a lot of healing energy to my sexuality. Very considerate of him to incarnate with that configuration, don't you think?

When we first connected, I was so shut down sexually that I felt numb in my body. My juices didn't flow, even when I began to feel a little arousal. I felt theoretically willing, but my body didn't cooperate at all.

We have a lot of sexual attraction to each other, and I enjoyed the process of just feeling desire. Once, when making love, I asked him to let me fully feel the desire without him acting upon it. He hovered near my entrance, just touching lightly, as I experimented with actively desiring a man again. I knew that he wouldn't enter me unless I asked him to, and I didn't ask him that time. But the act of desiring, of feeling myself open up and reach out to him energetically, shifted something in me. It was an important step on my healing path.


Anonymous said...

Does Adam have a brother?
I thought you might be interested in the latest entries on three of my blogs

Keep up the good work, Selena the Cat-On-A-Hot-Tin-Roof
Cool Hand Luke

Selena Truth said...

Sorry, no brother!

You have some interesting blogs. Thanks for the visit.