Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sexual Healing Ritual

I wrote a while ago about how I realized that I needed to open my sexuality again after the shutdown I experienced with my burnout. One of the steps that I took was to ask several friends to help me with a sexual healing ritual. This happened almost two years ago now, but it was so beautiful that I feel inspired to write about it.

I invited three of my juiciest women friends and my dear friend and former student Eduardo. They all arrived at my place one weekend to assist me in this ritual.

First, my women friends gave me a bath. We all climbed into my big bathtub together, and they gently bathed me, washing away the old energy of shutdown as they washed my body. It was a very touching experience to be surrounded by such powerful feminine energy focused so delicately upon me.

Once the bath was done, they escorted me to the temple where Eduardo waited. I had thought that I wanted to have intercourse with him while the women were all around me, lending their sexual energy to mine, but this was not how it went. (Another example of how it’s important to be ready to drop plans when the situation is asking for something different.) Instead, I found that I really wanted to just run my own energy, with them around me in a circle holding the container for that. They held the space sweetly and reverently, allowing me to go deeply into an extended full-body orgasm without even being touched, but just from contacting my long-dormant sexual energy with breath and movement.

This was the beginning of a process of re-opening that took over a year. I am truly blessed to have such loving, supportive and accepting friends. They gave me a great gift that day, and they felt honored to be a part of my healing.


Jill said...

That's a very moving sexual experience - I've never heard of anything like this before. Thank you for sharing!

Selena Truth said...

Dear Jill,
Yes, it was very moving to me, too! So much love in the room.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and come back soon!

Athena said...

That sounds so beautiful. I wish I could experience something like that.

Selena Truth said...

You can! I do healing rituals for people. I would be happy to facilitate something like that for you (depending upon where you are, of course. I am in California, near the Bay Area and Sacramento.) I am very skilled in creating a container for people that encourages them to stretch and try things that they may not have thought they would ever do. I do it by making it really safe, so it just feels normal. Let me know if you're interested.