Monday, October 6, 2008

Next Phase Was the Burnout

In my last post, I described the delight of the first few years of working as a masseuse. Unfortunately, as time went on, I began to burn out. The cost of being that accessible to so many took its toll. I worked hard on keeping myself clear, but there was so much unconsciousness in that world that it was hard to keep myself open and full of light. I began to shut down.

I went into a period of several years where I had no sexual energy at all. I was still skilled at touch, and I could provide men with an exquisite experience of transcendence, but it didn't reach me. I was walled off. All my energy was in the spiritual realms -- my third eye and crown chakras were very activated, but I didn't inhabit my lower chakras at all. (Note: chakras are energy centers. The third eye is about intuition, and the crown is about your connection with Spirit. The lower chakras include your connection to the earth and your sexual energy.)

About a year and a half ago, I began to realize that I was cutting myself off from my power by ignoring my sexual energy. My motivation was to activate my spiritual connection even more strongly, but the message I got was that I had to heal my sexual energy in order to fuel the spiritual expansion. So I embarked upon a sexual healing journey for myself. I may describe some of those experiences later in this blog.

It was a long process, but now I have awakened again. My sexual energy is back, different than before, but growing stronger all the time. I have a new lover, who is a Tantric adept, and he is helping me to open more deeply and to remove the last remnants of the deadened energy that I created as protection while I did the work the last few years.

I'm now in a place where I can celebrate what I did as a sacred prostitute. I want to share with you the stories of that time, and also my process of healing and expansion now. I am stepping into an even deeper way of being with sacred sexuality, where the sexual energy is used for serving the highest good of the earth and the universe.


Green Witch said...

I want your book! I will add it to my birthday wishlist.

Cool Hand Luke said...

Have you heard the poem about a corset-fitter named Cool Hand Luke?

Lancashire Dialect Poetry - I just love idletalk.

Thought I'd drop by :-)

Selena Truth said...

Green witch: When's your birthday? I hope it's out by then!

Cool Hand Luke: No, I haven't heard the poem, but it sounds rather chilly!

Thanks to both of you for stopping by!

Green Witch said...

My birthday is 25th March. I love your blog. If I could re-live my life I would want to be like you! You are the opposite of me and everything I envy.

Selena Truth said...

Green Witch: Oh, honey, don't be so hard on yourself! You don't need to be like me. Just be you. We (the world) don't need another me, we need you to be fully who you are.

Perhaps there are aspects of me that you would like to develop in yourself. Let me wave my magic wand and give you permission!

If you would like some guidance in this process, I do offer online counseling services. Email me for details, as I'm just getting things set up. My address is

Pagan Green Witch said...

Thank you x

Anonymous said...


This is one of the reasons why I formed The Temple of the Awakening Soul for those who are interested in the work of Sacred Sexuality. Those who do the healing work with the public can easily drain themselves, or lose themselves, and come to need healing, as well. I envision a sanctuary, whether virtual or physical or both, where Sacred Sex workers can come to cleanse themselves, ground, and recharge.

Selena Truth said...

Yes, that would be wonderful. It is really challenging doing this work, especially in a world that doesn't support it.