Thursday, April 2, 2009


I had a wonderful evening with a few old and new friends doing some sexual ritual. After we each talked about what we wanted and didn’t want, we called in sacred space, asking that the energy we created be used for the highest good and light. Then each person got to be the focus of attention, asking for whatever he or she wanted from the others. There were many magical moments, but one keeps coming back to me. I’m using names of Hindu gods and goddesses rather than their real names, because it was a transpersonal experience.

It was Krishna’s turn to receive. He was lying on his back. Sita, who has been lovers with him for a while, was between his legs, sucking his lingam very enthusiastically. Her partner, Ram, was behind her and inside her. I straddled Krishna’s chest, my yoni pressed against his heart. The energy moved through us all as if we were one. Sita and I were both orgasming, and I could feel Ram’s energy move up through her into Krishna and me. It was an ecstatic connection that created an experience of oneness.

This is transpersonal sex.


Mike Chandra said...

What a beautiful experience. In a recent session with my tantrika she stradled my chest and I could feel the sexual energy from her yoni join with my hearts energy. The closeness of my heart and her yoni made the experience quite unique and powerful.

Selena Truth said...

Thanks, Mike. Interesting, I used to go by the name Chandra when I was doing sensual massage. Hello, Moon Boy!

Yes, the yoni has quite an amazing energy, especially when it is energized. I once had a woman friend put her yoni on my third eye. I was seeing colors by the time she was done!