Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I reconnected with an old consort recently, whom I will call Tantrika-ji. A tantrika is a practitioner of Tantra, and “-ji” is a term of respect. He is indeed a dear man.

We had a lovely moment. We had been running energy together for a long time, with a lot of passion. I had been deeply orgasmic for quite some time, and I was in a very altered state. Suddenly he pulled a few hairs on the top of my head upward, opening up my crown chakra dramatically. I instantly got very still, and felt myself merge into a field of light. I floated there for several minutes as we paused in our movements.

This is true Tantra – using the sexual energy as a gateway to the Divine.


giardigno65 said...

Is not clear the term "-ji"

Mike Chandra said...

Wow that sounds so awesome. I haven't achieved this type of experience yet but I think I'm building towards it. The energy I seem to be experiencing is more of an expansive energy. Things seem to get warm and my vision a little fuzzier. Still feels great though.

Funny that you once used the name Chandra. The tantrika that's guided me in Tantra so far is Nixy May Moon. I chose that name as a wink to her.

Selena Truth said...

giardigno: -"ji" is an honorific. When it's added to the end of a Sanskrit word, it denotes respect and honoring.

Mike: The expansive energy sounds great to me! I've felt that too.