Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tales of a Sacred Prostitute

For nine years, I worked as a sacred prostitute. I did sensual massage with a  little bit of Tantric teachings, and I advertised my services on adult entertainment websites. I considered myself a "Tantric missionary". By making myself available to those men who were motivated by a search for an exotic sexual experience, I reached people who never would have come had I called it "spiritual" or "healing". Yet it was often both.

Before I did this work, I had spent many years teaching Tantra and doing sexual healing. It was much more serious, often focused upon aiding people to heal from sexual abuse. I helped many people, and I was respected in my field. I developed a Tantra school, and trained others to teach Tantra. When they were trained, I had them take over teaching the introductory level classes. This turned out to be a mistake, as the enrollments dropped drastically when I stopped teaching those classes. The introductory level classes were the financial foundation of the school. We were in trouble. I was paying everyone but myself.

But there are no mistakes, really. The financial motivation got me into doing sensual massage, as I could make some big money quickly. but I soon learned that this was the most appropriate next step for me. I closed the school, and devoted myself to doing sensual massage.

The first few years were ecstatic. I loved my clients and my work. Each day felt like a gift from Spirit. I had fun, and I brought my light to many, many men. I shared myself with them freely and joyfully.

I have just written a book called "Tales of a Sacred Prostitute". It's about experiences in my life that led up to my ability to do this work, and stories of many of the happenings of those early joyous years. I just sent the book off the the publisher, and it should be out in early 2009. Watch this blog for more information.

I welcome your respectful questions and comments. One purpose of this blog is to share what I have learned in the realms of sacred sexuality. I hope that I can inspire you in the process.

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