Friday, February 6, 2009

Transpersonal Sex

I have a very unusual relationship with Ted, one of my consorts. We only see each other occasionally. He is busy with raising a daughter on his own, and I have no desire to enter his life to any extent, or for him to enter mine. Both times we have connected, we began by sharing a light meal together and talking and reconnecting. We then entered my temple space and created ritual space. We asked that the energy from our connection be used to the highest good, whatever that may be.

In the context of that sacred space, we dropped into Tantric lovemaking. It had no agenda and no goal. Sometimes the energy was very passionate, sometimes very slow. We were both just present, allowing whatever was true for us at that moment to unfold.

I once read somewhere that we humans have the capability to act as lightening rods, bringing energy to the earth. I feel this often as Ted and I connect.

This is a beautiful manifestation of transpersonal sex – using the sexual energy as an act of worship, not as a way of creating a personal connection.

This is not to say that it is impersonal. I care for him and respect him deeply. But it feels like it is a connection not between the personalities but between our two souls, using our bodies as the vehicle.

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