Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sexual Opening For Women

I am grateful for all the experience with men that I have had over the years. It has given me a wealth of information to share with others who may not have had such an extensive dive into the world of male sexuality.

Some of the work I do now is with women, helping them to open and to come into their sexuality in a way that is much more free and flowing. While these women may never become sacred prostitutes themselves, they benefit from my experiences in that realm.

While I already offer individual online sessions, I am developing an online program to reach women everywhere who want to become more free. I am beginning with working with body image, since so many women feel that their bodies are flawed, and this lack of confidence in their physical beauty can create a shut-down in sexual energy. In this segment I am teaching how to inhabit the body from the inside out, bringing the inner beauty of the goddess into physical form.

I’ll keep you posted about this as it develops!