Thursday, March 5, 2009

Venus Takes a Closer Look

Venus goes retrograde tomorrow (March 6), and will be retrograde for several weeks. As her apparent motion as viewed from the Earth goes backwards, it prompts us to look inward, especially in the areas she rules: love, romance, sexuality, and finances. It’s a time for reassessing values in those areas, finding what really works for us.

I’m certainly on this program at the moment. I think that I would be even if I didn’t know about Venus going retrograde. I’m grappling with some big questions: can I ever open my heart fully again? Do I even want to? Is it just some romantic ideal that I’ve outgrown? Do sex and intimacy necessarily have to go together? Am I avoiding an area of my own growth by saying no to a relationship that might go deeper? Is it an illusion that it might grow deeper? Or is it that I just really don’t want to engage in that way?

Big questions. The only answers I can find are in how my body feels – when it feels constricted, when it feels lighter. I’m using it as a guide for what my path is. And hoping that I’m on the right path!

What about you? Is relationship up for reassessment?


Greenwoman said...

Very nice post. Terrific questions too. I"m sorry it took me awhile to respond to your request for a link exchange. I've been a bit out of touch alot lately, but I did make an update to my link love page and you are included on the top of the list. I've a lovely blog and I've enjoyed my subscription to it so far. Thank you for sharing the exchange. A quality blog. *smiles*

Selena Truth said...

Thanks so much. I'm glad you're getting something from it. And I do like your blog too, that's why I listed it!

No problem about taking a while to respond. I think we're all in accelerated time these days!

tinque said...

A question I always struggle with is how to tell what's my stuff from his? What am I projecting? Is it really weirdness from him, a subtle withdrawal, or am I feeling myself?
This Venus retrograde has been turning me inside out and upside down, haven't felt this sensitive in all ways in a long time. When does it turn direct?
hugs, tinque

Selena Truth said...

Venus turns direct on April 17.

I know what you mean, wondering what is yours and what is his. I go through the same thing. What I've been working with lately is trying to drop having to be right. That keeps me from looking at what is mine. It's a lot more comfortable to believe that everything is the other person's fault, but if we do that, there's no growth. Here's a novel approach: assume that it's your stuff, and work with it within yourself. If it's not really yours, you won't relate to it and it won't stick. Either that, or you're not ready to deal with it, and your ego is getting slippery!

tinque said...

it's not a question of fault or blame towards the other person but one turned inward. it's too easy to go right to "what did I do" or "why is he..." this is the time to go inside and feel whatever it is that's brewing inside and see if it's the same thing I was feeling from him. I really like what you said. "If it's not really yours, it won't relate to it."
I will be so happy when Venus straightens herself out. Today I finally feel as if the veil is lifting even though she doesn't go direct for a couple of more weeks.
It would be nice to feel good on my b'day which is on Easter Sunday this year. I hear that's good, new beginnings and such.
Be Well.
hugs, tinque

Selena Truth said...

Blessings for a wonderfully joyous re-birthday!

Anonymous said...

I've been guided to your blog from a few different sources recently (not-so-subtle hints from the Universe methinks) and just finished reading all your posts. They've been tremendously helpful regarding this current situation I'm going through, working in the adult industry & having a new lover suddenly with a lot of conflicting emotions coming to the surface.

Anyway, thanks so much for your wonderful insights. I'm looking forward to reading your book.

Selena Truth said...

Welcome! Glad to be of service, and glad you're enjoying the blog.

Yes, your situation can really stir up some stuff, eh? Blessings, and may your process be one of letting it come up to be released.