Thursday, January 8, 2009

Venus and Mars Across the Ocean

I reconnected with Adam in the last few weeks, as well as beginning a connection with Ted. Aphrodite has been busy!

Adam is now in Thailand for the next few weeks. Just before he left, we had a deep and loving evening together. During that time, I received a vision about what our connection is about right now, on a transpersonal level.

First, some astrological background. His Venus is conjunct my Mars, and Pluto in the sky is transiting both of them. What this means is that he is carrying the feminine energy (Venus) and I am carrying the male energy (Mars). The conjunction creates a lot of attraction between us. It’s new for him to be in the feminine, and it’s new for me to be in the masculine. Pluto, the planet of transformation, is asking us to transform our old ways and open up to something new.

In this vision, I realized that our connection was about healing the rift between the masculine and the feminine. He was about to go off to a very feminine place – Thailand is soft and yielding. I am here on the west coast of the US, across the Pacific from him, holding the energy in a culture that is extremely masculine. As we maintain the connection between us, we reconnect the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine.

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